Addon OaSkriptEvents 1.1

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Addon Developer
Mindgamesnl submitted a new resource:

OaSkriptEvents - Use the openaudio API events in skript

This addon allows you to use the events API of OpenAudioMc in Skript

Documentation: http://openaudiomc.net/documentation/skript.php

(my first skript addon)

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[doublepost=1489837214,1485807559][/doublepost]This plugin got abandoned, the main plugin (openaudio) now functions as the skript addon, two in one :emoji_wink:

Also added new events there (since 2.2 release which will release tomorrow or soon(tm))
OpenAudioGUI v.2 will include new skript events as well to make it look more badass :emoji_grinning:

Jut waiting on @LimeGlass for help with Skellett MySQL Checking to bring a new feature as well <3