Solved NoDamage Skript

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Jan 29, 2017
Suggested name: NoDamage

What I want:
I'm in need of a Skript that disables damage entirely. Whether that be mob damage, PVP damage, so on. I know what your thinking, /rg f __global__ invincible true. Well, here's what I need it for. In my hub, I plan on having it so players can hit eachother, but it'll never kill them. If I enable WorldGuard invincibility, it disables PVP entirely, making it so you can't hit other players. I've also tried doing WorldGuard flags such as min-heal-delay, max-heal-delay, etc, and none have given me the results I'm looking for.

So, basically a Skript that cancels the take-damage event? If that's how it works.

Ideas for commands: None

Ideas for permissions: None

When I'd like it by: ASAP