[Need Help] Compare rightclick and leftclick [hologram]

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Dec 17, 2019
Minecraft version: 1.14.4
Skript version: 2.4.1

Addons used: MundoSk 1.8.5, SK-NBeeT 2.11.1, Quarsk 1.3.1, Skellet 1.9.8, Skquery-Lime 4.1.2, SkRayFall 1.9.19, Skript-mirror 1.0.0, SkUtilities 0.9.2 , TuSKe 1.8.3-PikachuPatch-v3, Skript-holo 1.0.2

Skript type: Purchase skript sale with a rightclick and leftclick

Skript description:

Good morning all,

I come to you because I have a little concern that I cannot solve, I would like to compare the rightclick and the leftclick roughly the rightclick buys and the leftclick sells, if it is possible of course, but I have test full of form, but none of it works, if you have walkthroughs I agree, I hope my description is clear enough.

command /holo1:
        create new holo with click-able lines "&fAchat: &a10 &f/ &fVente: &c5" and a iron sword at location 0.700, 6, 0.700 in world "world" and store it in {hologram::1}
        wait 10 seconds
        delete holos
on hologram rightclick:
    if event-hologram is {hologram::1}:
        if player has diamond block:
        teleport player at location 2, 4, -2 in world "world"
        broadcast "yes"
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