Hiring Need a Skript Developer

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Active Member
Mar 11, 2024
Hi! I am Sulsayhl and I am looking for a skript developer that can fix scripts and make minigames skripts. The current script I'm looking for right now is a Evil Bedwars Skript with custom bosses mobs and items. I would prefer the developer require no pay, but for that, I don't require you to work ALL Week, Since I don't pay my staff, I let them work whenever they want!
We are planning to proxy and release the server soon but this is the last minigame that we need as I was able to code the other ones, I am not able to code an Evil Bedwars skript. If you are interested please reply in the comment section below
An evil bedwars skript would not be possible without an insane amount of skript addons, however I could just code you a evil bedwars plugin.
An evil bedwars skript is absolutely possible with literally 2 addons, maybe 3. Also, I would not recommend working for this person.
I was looking for someone to help with other things but I just go a group and Nixter is my dev. No longer hiring
Oh Nixter were collabing with a wole development team and they will be adding to our server, but you can still do the Bedwars