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Hiring Need a Skript Addon done: Sorting Lists

Discussion in 'Hiring' started by pepper82, Oct 8, 2020.

  1. pepper82

    pepper82 Member

    Jan 26, 2017
    Likes Received:
    Person: PN me, no discord, been around here for some years
    About: I've been looking for someone to hire to make this for a while and nobody's been able to yet, so I'm asking on here now.
    Perm or temp: Temporary, I just need the one skript addon.
    Basic idea of request:
    In order for me to make toplists for several minigames, I need somebody to write a skript addon that allows me to sort lists like this:

    Code (Text):
    2. # Simple List with players and scores:
    4. add "player1" to {_list::*}
    5. add "player2" to {_list::*}
    6. add "player3" to {_list::*}
    7. set {_list::player1} to 100
    8. set {_list::player2} to 200
    9. set {_list::player3} to 20
    11. # Now here comes the magic, that I need to be done:
    13. set {_newlist::*} to numerical sorted list by value descending {_list::*}
    15. # output
    16. loop {_newlist::*}:
    17.   message "%loop-index% %loop-value%"
    19. # Result:
    20. # player2 200
    21. # player1 100
    22. # player3 20
    Also other sorting options will be:
    set {_newlist::*} to alphabetically sorted list by value [descending/ascending] {_list::*}
    set {_newlist::*} to numerical sorted list by index [descending/ascending] {_list::*}
    set {_newlist::*} to alphabetically sorted list by index [descending/ascending] {_list::*}

    # the syntax is optional and up to you

    Budget/offer: Please tell me the price it would cost to do this and I can pay upfront.

    Timeframe: Within a week or two would be good, if you need more time than that it's okay.
  2. Hexay

    Hexay Member

    Oct 14, 2020
    Likes Received:
    I understand this isn't entirely what you are looking for, but what you can do with this is simply change some of the variables, then in the gui just add a couple of if statement to order them, for this I would simply focus on the concept as it's not hard to code. Obviously no payment for this.
    Code (Text):
    1. command /prestigetop:
    2.   trigger:
    3.     send " "
    4.     send "&b&lPrestige Top:"
    5.     send "&3%{prestigetopshow.1}%"
    6.     send "&3%{prestigetopshow.2}%"
    7.     send "&3%{prestigetopshow.3}%"
    8.     send "&3%{prestigetopshow.4}%"
    9.     send "&3%{prestigetopshow.5}%"
    10.     send " "
    11. command /setlb:
    12.   permission: op
    13.   trigger:
    14.     set {prestigetop.5} to 0
    15.     set {prestigetop.4} to 0
    16.     set {prestigetop.3} to 0
    17.     set {prestigetop.2} to 0
    18.     set {prestigetop.1} to 0
    19.     send "&b&lSet lb's"
    21. every 5 seconds:
    22.   loop all players:
    23.     leaderboard(loop-player)
    25. function leaderboard(p: player):
    26.   set {_uuid} to {_p}'s uuid
    27.   if {prestigecounter::%{_uuid}%} is greater than {prestigetop.5}:
    28.     if {prestigecounter::%{_uuid}%} is smaller than {prestigetop.4}:
    29.       set {prestigetop.5} to {prestigecounter::%{_uuid}%}
    30.       set {prestigetopshow.5} to "##5 %{_p}% %{prestigetop.5}%"
    31.     if {prestigecounter::%{_uuid}%} is greater than {prestigetop.4}:
    32.       if {prestigecounter::%{_uuid}%} is smaller than {prestigetop.3}:
    33.         set {prestigetop.4} to {prestigecounter::%{_uuid}%}
    34.         set {prestigetopshow.4} to "##4 %{_p}% %{prestigetop.4}%"
    35.       if {prestigecounter::%{_uuid}%} is greater than {prestigetop.3}:
    36.         if {prestigecounter::%{_uuid}%} is smaller than {prestigetop.2}:
    37.           set {prestigetop.3} to {prestigecounter::%{_uuid}%}
    38.           set {prestigetopshow.3} to "##3 %{_p}% %{prestigetop.3}%"
    39.         if {prestigecounter::%{_uuid}%} is greater than {prestigetop.2}:
    40.           if {prestigecounter::%{_uuid}%} is smaller than {prestigetop.1}:
    41.             set {prestigetop.2} to {prestigecounter::%{_uuid}%}
    42.             set {prestigetopshow.2} to "##2 %{_p}% %{prestigetop.2}%"
    43.           if {prestigecounter::%{_uuid}%} is greater than {prestigetop.1}:
    44.             set {prestigetop.1} to {prestigecounter::%{_uuid}%}
    45.             set {prestigetopshow.1} to "##1 %{_p}% %{prestigetop.1}%"
    46.             set {_vartesting} to "pass"
    49. command /prestigetest:
    50.   trigger:
    51.     send "%{prestigetop.1}%"
    52.     send "%{prestigetopshow.1}%"
    53.     send "%{_vartesting}%"

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