My Skript has error and I'm new on Skript

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Try this
on break:
    player's tool is a netherite pickaxe
    player has permission "drill.pickaxe"
    add block 1 left and block 1 right and block 1 above and block 1 below event-block to {_blocks::*}
    set {_top} to block above event-block
    add block 1 right and block 1 left of {_top} to {_blocks::*}
    set {_bot} to block below event-block
    add block 1 left and block 1 right of {_bot} to {_blocks::*}
    loop blocks at {_blocks::*}:
        loop-block is not bedrock or end portal frame
        drop drops of loop-block at event-location
        set loop-block to air
ya its working but not like it intended to be, its like breaks 2x2 sometime 3x3 like that or sometimes 2x1 and not doing 3x3x3 like it intended to be