My first post! Help with Towny perms and skript

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New Member
Oct 3, 2023
Hi! This is my first post and I have a simple idea
I use the Towny plugin as a protection and a kind of factions system in my server, but it is a mods server as well, and I have de Gravestones mod.
When you raid a base and someone of the opponents in its base dies, the gravestone holds the whole loot, and you can't get the reward of the victory, because when you raid someone's base and he dies inside his protection, you cant break blocks (a necessary protection, because the players need to be protected in most cases) How can I do to make a Skript that just allows in the Towny protection the gravestone to be destroyed? I know that it is a modded block, but I read in an old post that it is possible with aliases:
How can I configure all this things?
If you have worldguard just create a separate region that the gravestone is in and set 'block-break' to 'allow'