Moving an armor stand

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youri kelderman

New Member
Feb 25, 2020
Hey hey, so i was wondering if there is any way to change the position of an armor stand by using some form of key input, example: you press W and the armor stand moves 3 blocks away from your position (it is facing that way) if not possible with any key input, i would still want to see the code for just letting an armor stand move, ive been looking for ages and cant find anything
You can make a function that adds a block not collidable for players but collidable for armor stands. This will push it away from your direction and create a moving pattern, I would also recommend reading the documentation before coming to fourms!

Good luck,

- TheCringleYT
You can use packets to detect that. The add-on MiSK also has a vehicle steer event which is exactly what you'd want. To move, you gott teleport
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