Mouse clicker issue

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Jennifer Eckenrode

New Member
Aug 4, 2020
I was playing Roblox on my PC, and it suddenly stopped. I was using OP auto clicker to automate the clicks. Do you think this is due to the auto clicker?

I have been playing different games using OP mouse clicker but never found this issue before. I also changed my Windows version, can that be the reason?
Just try and re-install the auto-clicker and see if that works. If it is working fine on other games then maybe something is wrong with your gaming account. If nothing works then switch to some other auto-clicking program. Windows has nothing to do with it I am sure. Since you use auto-clicker do you know any for macOS?
It's possible that the auto clicker may have caused the issue, but it's not certain. It could be that the Windows version you changed to has some compatibility issues with the auto clicker, or that the game has updated and is no longer compatible with it.

I would suggest trying a different auto clicker, or disabling it to see if that resolves the issue.
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