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Dec 30, 2019
Catergory: Spells/Minions
Suggested Name: I don't mind go nuts
What I want:
To put it simple, just an item that spawns any monster (I can change to which I want since I know basic skript) that will target other mobs, but not players. If you can, maybe an armor set with a bonus when all 4 pieces are equiped to summon a minion. Just making the monster spawn and adding it to a list variable or something and make it not target players but other mobs will work. I can do the rest
Ideas for commands:
none needed
Ideas for permissions:
none needed
When I'd like it by:
Whenever you have the time

I might have done a bad job explaining, I have tried but I can't make the mobs not target the player and have never been able to do a full set ability. If you need me to explain better just ask. Written at 4AM and I'm tired so I'll fix anything needed in the morning
[doublepost=1617510920,1617497758][/doublepost]Adding onto this a bit, pathfind to the player when its not attacking anything. Sorry to be a pain
[doublepost=1617578554][/doublepost]I would pay if its super hard, I'm just judging based on how many views there are and the fact there are 0 replies asides from my own
Lag shouldn't be an issue, at least for me. 512GB of ram and good hardware.
512GB of ram is like 2k $ so you probbably mean hard drive space which is kinda small but server doesnt need it a lot like 500 mb (1/2 of 1gb) is needed to make a normal server. And if you have a hard drive like this i dont think you have good hardware (cpu) to run this. Hypixel has i9 9900k with 16gb ram for each skyblock active island.
[doublepost=1617964611,1617964467][/doublepost]And yes i can do this but not with weird things (only minions that kill near mobs without animations)
If you have enough money to afford 512GB of ram, just buy a minion plugin from somewhere or go to mc-market. You can find Java devs there which are highly skilled.