Hiring MC Wonders Event for Cancer Research

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New Member
Jun 24, 2021
MC Wonders Event is hiring like-minded individuals to come work for a cancer research tournament sponsored by Shockbyte!


MC Wonders Event is a content creator event where eight teams of players face off in custom-coded minigames and can gain points by doing well. The winning team gets their honour and remains victorious till the end of time!

We need Java programmers to use their creativity and code minigames for the event, as well as point systems, team systems, and much more. We currently have one programmer and we're looking to increase that amount sooner or later.

Although we can't give a payment due to no income and the event being for a great cause, we can offer you experience in coding and an addition to your portfolio so you can find more work. You also help us raise money/awareness for cancer research when the event goes through.

Please do not hesitate further than to contact me at Nxun#7315 on Discord or at @WondersEvent on Twitter. I implore you to reach out through these methods of contact if you're interested in this.

- Brandon @ OnniluCrew
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