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Discussion in 'Hiring' started by NxunOnniluCrew, May 14, 2022.

  1. NxunOnniluCrew

    Jun 24, 2021
    Likes Received:
    This job position is VOLUNTARY.

    We're looking for Skript developers that can help us code the event and set it into full throttle. This charity event is an invite-only charity event, in which content creators of all sizes on all different platforms battle in different minigames and the team with the most points is victorious.

    There'll be multiple events and we're looking for either one or two permanent/temporary developers to help us out.

    There's actually a number of reasons why it's voluntary, and here's why:

    When money is involved, it's only done for payment. When volunteering is involved, the basis on money not being involved meaning it's way easier to do work because you're not pressured on money, you're able to work together better without a budget, and since it's for charity, it works out in the end. Not only does the event not have a budget but we're surviving by sponsorships. We want this event to be as successful as possible, and with the help of brilliantly talented programmers, we can get there somehow.

    As well as that, the charity we chose is the @CancerResearch foundation on Twitter, in which all money raised will go DIRECTLY to the organization in hopes of finding a cure for cancer of all kinds.

    If you're interested in working for the event, please go no further than to contact me on Twitter at @onnilu .

    - Brandon Robitaille

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