Solved Making a simple SQL script that will save player names

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May 31, 2017
Category: SQL/Skript/MySQL

Suggested name: SaveNames

What I want:
A simple, easy to use script that will save player names to the database, and uuids when the player joins. @HiiqhFive :emoji_slight_smile:

Ideas for commands:
No Commands

Ideas for permissions:
No Permissions

When I'd like it by: Today
on join:
    if {SAVEDATA::%uuid of player%::%player%} is not set:
        loop {SAVEDATA::%uuid of player%::*}:
            set {SAVEDATA::%uuid of player%::%loop-index%} to false
        set {SAVEDATA::%uuid of player%::%player%} to true
command /Database [<offline player>]:
        if arg-1 is set:
            set {_UUID} to uuid of arg-1
            loop {SAVEDATA::%{_UUID}%::*}:
                if loop-value is true:
                    send "Currently Name: %loop-index%"
                     send "Called before: %loop-index%"
I just skripted this simple thinks, i was think maybe you know with mysql? So just change a little...

i have 0 plan about mysql. so i can't help you
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Right now this is what i have

But when a player joins, it changes my name and uuid in the database to their name and uuid.
@HiiqhFive Maybe you could help me?
on join:
    update "UPDATE data SET `username` = '%player%'"

on first join:
    update "INSERT INTO data (`username`, `uuid`) VALUES ('%player%', '%uuid of player%',)"
script options:
    $ db url jdbc:mysql:/HOST:3306/DATABASE
    $ db username NAME
    $ db password PASS

on first join:
    $ thread # async, advisable for sql syntaxes.
    update "INSERT INTO `data` (`username`,`uuid`) VALUES (`%player%`, `%player's uuid%`)"

on join:
    $ thread
    update "UPDATE `data` SET `username`='%player%' WHERE `uuid`='%player's uuid%'"