Make coral stays alive

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Apr 1, 2024
Hey guys i've just made an ocean parkour map for my server. As you guys know coral dies without water, so i downloaded a plugin that makes it stays alive. But i was wondering, is there any way to make the coral stay alive with skript? I'm kinda a new to skript, my idea was like: on coral die: cancel event. But ofc this event dont work. Is there any event like this? Or is there any other way I can keep the coral alive with skript?(or not skript)
Hello. A quick search of the docs reveals no events or expressions related to coral, but you may be able to do this by checking block data.
Hi, thanks for your quick answer and checking events in docs, I tryed copying block data but sadly it didn't work. I mean it's not a huge problem, the plugin works perfectly, I was just curious if is there any way to do it with skript.
Yeah the easiest thing I can think of is saving the live coral to a variable and then just constantly re-pasting it so its never dead.