LuckyBlocks (Over 50 Effects!)

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New Member
Jul 15, 2020
Ever wanted some quality Lucky Blocks for your server? That's no longer an issue!

Easy to craft, with effects varying from spawning mob hordes, to just dropping common and less common items!

There are 56 different effects for now, some of them are:
  • Dropping tool sets or armor sets
  • Spawning mobs hordes to obliterate everyone
  • Chicken fountain
  • TNT rain
  • Instant combustion
  • Dropping food
  • Mr. Rainbow
  • Spawning random mob
  • Dropping unobtainable items
In order to obtain those precious blocks, you have to craft them using 8 Gold Ingots and a Dispenser, just like shown on the picture

Skript (ofc, tested on 2.5.3)
SkBee (tested on 1.10.2)

Suggestion? Bug report? Don't post it in reviews, contact me on Discord instead! (FokaStudio ツ#7055)