Solved Lore durability

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Active Member
May 20, 2021
Can someone help me with a lore durability system? As example an iron axe that has durability 200. Show 200/200 and for every block broken to remove 1 durability 199/200
[doublepost=1623317669,1623317616][/doublepost]And also break it when the durability is 0/200
#durability is in line 1 and it looks like
# &cLEFT&8/&aMAX

command /setdura <integer>:
        set line 1 of lore of player's tool to "&c%arg-1%&8/&a%arg-1%"

on block break:
    if tool of player is a pickaxe or shovel or axe:
        set {_lore::*} to uncolored line 1 of lore of player's tool split at "/"
        set {_left} to {_lore::1} parsed as a integer
        if {_left} is 0:
            set tool of player to air
            set line 1 of lore of player's tool to "&c%{_left} - 1%&8/&a%{_lore::2}%"
        wait 1 tick
        repair tool of player