Hiring Looking for someone to skript cutsom teams/scatter/spec for a UHC Server

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Feb 25, 2022
Need someone to create me a custom teams skript and a scatter skript for my 1.8 UHC Server

Edit: BTW, I'd like P, or the server title, to be &eClean

-needs to use anything for team colors but vanilla scoreboards, as I have skAddons that override vanilla scoreboards.
-need commands like /teams randomize <teamsize>. /teams set <player> <team number>, /team create, team invite, /team management <on/off>, /pmcoords, etc.

- would be able to use another scatter, however, I need variables from the custom teams skript for team scatter.
- command should work like this; /sca <*/Teams/Player> <Radius> <Mindist> <World>
- I'd like it to be similar to other scatter skripts, just catered to work with the teams skript.
- would like a /latejoin or /latescatter that checks if a game is in session. If a game has been in session for more than 10 minutes, the player cannot join late. Otherwise, the player is able to join and scatter themselves with /latejoin.

- would like to keep whitelist open for players to be able to spectate.
- ops can use /spec or /unspec
- if game is in session, player gets tp'd to 0 90 0 of the current UHC and can go 250x250 blocks around before being told they cant go that far.
- counts number of spectators as a variable (so i can edit the remaining players on my sidebar without it counting everyone online)
- compass to tp to random players


i don’t need a bundle, just the scatter and teams need to be done together, as they will share variables, so

For Teams/Scatter: $30
Spec Skript: $5-10
All 3: $35-40

willing to negotiate!
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If your looking for help Please DM me
ⲁⲍⲁⲓⲟⲛ#1590 Hope You get the help you need