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Hiring Perm Looking for Skript Developers to work on the Destiny Games Minecraft Event | Voluntary

Discussion in 'Hiring' started by Arctic_foxxyt, Apr 16, 2023.

  1. Arctic_foxxyt

    Arctic_foxxyt Member

    Apr 16, 2023
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    DG Logo.png
    !Destiny Games!
    Destiny Games is a non-profit Minecraft event with the goal of Giving small streamers a platform and changing the Minecraft event community for ever!

    We are looking for people who know there stuff but are also great team members.

    We already have a
    few amazing Developers (including myself) but as a Event in beta we need more help. We will need you to help with mini-games, The scoring system, Team systems and much more.

    Although we can't give a payment due to no income at this time, we can offer you experience in coding an addition to your portfolio and some amazing friends so you can find more work and know more people in the community.

    If any of this sound intriguing do not hesitate to Join our Discord, Contact me (Skye <3#4246), Contact us on twitter @DestinyGamesMC or find us on YouTube (@Destiny_games)

    Discord Link here: https://discord.gg/DWZFnzux7v

    Google Form: https://forms.gle/URYu1aYTXcaV9frMA

    Gallery: 2023-04-06_21.13.08.png 2023-02-11_16.12.51.png Screenshot_20230214_150828.png Destiny Logo!.png
    #1 Arctic_foxxyt, Apr 16, 2023
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2023

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