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Discussion in 'Scripts' started by iCodeDreams, Jun 21, 2020.

  1. iCodeDreams

    iCodeDreams New Member

    Sep 12, 2019
    Likes Received:

    Welcome to the
    BEST Lobby Script

    Created with the mindset for full customization with single file startup!
    Have you ever wanted simple lobby commands but don't want to spend the time making them? We know there are tons of scripts out there but are they fully customization in a config file? I think not!




    Code (Text):
    1. {
    2.     "Prefix": "&eLobby&6> &7",
    3.     "Version": "1.0",
    4.     "ServerID": "00000000000000000000",
    5.     "AdminID": "00000000000000000000",
    6.     "Debug": false,
    7.     "Lobby": {
    8.         "X": 0.0,
    9.         "Y": 0.0,
    10.         "Z": 0.0,
    11.         "WORLD": "world"
    12.     },
    13.     "PlayerJoin": {
    14.         "Message": "&6[PLAYER] &7joined the game!",
    15.         "PrivateMessage": [
    16.             "",
    17.             "",
    18.             "",
    19.             "",
    20.             ""
    21.         ],
    22.         "Title": "&aWelcome to the Server",
    23.         "Subtitle": "&7We hope you have fun!"
    24.     },
    25.     "PlayerQuit": {
    26.         "Message": "&6[PLAYER] &7left the game!"
    27.     },
    28.     "Messages": {
    29.         "Reload": "&aReloaded Lobby!",
    30.         "Teleport": "&7Teleporting to &eSpawn&7...",
    31.         "SendPlayerHub": "&aSending &e[PLAYER] &ato Hub!",
    32.         "SendAllHub": "&aSending &eALL PLAYERS &ato Hub!"
    33.     }
    34. }
    Easily Setup and Configure your Lobby in the config.json that is automatically generated in plugins/iCodeDevelopment/Lobby/config.json !

    • Easily Set Custom Join & Leave Mesasges
    • Customize Messages
    • Set Join Coordinates
    • Set Private Messages on Join
    • Set Titles and Subtitles on Join

    /lobby [Reload / Info]
    Reload the Lobby System, View your Current Version through in-game commands!
    General Permission Node: command.lobby
    Admin Permission Node: command.lobby.admin

    /sendhub [Player]
    Sends the Specified Player to the Server Hub!
    Permission Node: command.sendhub


    Sends Everyone to the Server Hub!
    Permission Node: command.sendallhub

    1. Download the lobbyconfig.sk File from this Post
    2. Install the Dependencies by downloading them Here
    3. Restart your Server

    Want to see a server running the Lobby Script?
    Check out


    Created by: iCode Development


    Follow me on Twitter
    Subscribe to me on YouTube @iCodeDreams
    Join my Discord by clicking here!



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