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Feb 19, 2018
Category: Leveling

Suggested name: levelup.sk

What I want:
A skript where when you do /levels or /ranks it opens up a gui named &a&lLevels like the following one:

in which every stone block represents a level (there a hundred in total) and in the the lore of the level it shows the price of the coresponding level and if the corresponding level is the player's current level then it gets set to yellow wool and the lore is set to &6Current Level, and if the corresponding level is a previous of the player it gets set to green wool and the lore to &2Unlocked.
In each corner of the gui there would be an arrow that when clicked will bring the player to next page.
I also would like the level prices be the previous level's price (starting with 100$) plus 10%.

Ideas for commands:
/levels alias: /ranks: opens up the described gui
/levelup alias: /rankup: levels the player up to the next level and adds the player's current level to their prefix in chat with the var {level::%player%}
/level reset: resets the player's level back to 1
/level top. opens a gui showing the top 10 players who have the highest level

Ideas for permissions:
levels.reset: permission for /level reset

When I'd like it by: By Sunday
[doublepost=1543591540,1543565697][/doublepost]you may contact me on my discord: titustitus98 #8243