Solved KB Anticheat Check

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New Member
Jul 20, 2023
I have a skript for antikb check which is made whithout functions but it doesn't flag anything , can someone make me one whithout using functions but coords please?
Hey, please send this to the 'Skript Requests' section of the forum instead. It helps people like me look for the right thing when trying to help out people like you ^.^

I would also seriously recommend you not using a scripted anticheat. Most things you'll find made from Skript don't check for packets, which is a whole lot more accurate than just looking at how the server thinks things shold work.

If you do want a direction to go with this, I would check the change in velocity between when a player gets damaged and 1 tick after. If the magnitude of the player's velocity doesn't change above a certain threshold, flag that user for AntiKB.