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Mar 22, 2017
Category: Chat management

Suggested name: JsonChat

What I want:
Ive seen on many servers the plugin DeluxeChat and I've wanted to have it for a long time. This plugin consist that players can get Json messages in there names for example

Developer | nicoxdry %chat%

The Developer part will have a message when you hover over it thats says Im staff and same to the name but when you click on the name it suggests a command the player who clicked.

I use Chatex for chat management and Essentials Group Manager for groups.

Ideas for commands:
The plugin doesn't have to have commands most things will be done in the config

Ideas for permissions:
Maybe add permissions for each rank for making it possible for every rank

That if player has script.admin it will show the admin json in the rank in chat

When I'd like it by: Since its pretty big i don't really care for when it has to be done