Solved Java applet freezing

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Apr 26, 2017
Hello Guys,

I have a web application with an applet. Applet is being used for opening of documents in the native viewer. Basically the applet connects to a servlet and downloads the byte array and stores the content in the user machine and then opens the same in the naative viewer (ex:, word, excel,ppt etc.). We have been running this application from past one year without any problem.

Few months back, our company merged with another one (say company2). Company2 users are willing to use our application. Now the problem arised when the company2 users started using the application, it started freezing.

What I have observed is that the applet actually takes 4 to 5 minutes to initialize and till the time applet is initialized whole application freezes. Once the applet load everythign work fine. However this application works perfectly fine for the company1 users for which the application was originally designed.

We have checked all the server ips involved and made sure that nothing is blocked on the network and no security issue is causing any problem.

User System details:
Users are using IE9 on windows 7 enterprise with Java 1.7_05 in both the company networks.

Application UI is developed in GWT and backend is Java/J2EE. Applet is compiled on Java 1.7_05.

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