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Feb 18, 2017
It took me a while to figure out (especially JSON, jesus), so I figured I should post it somewhere so people don't have to break their heads with JSON syntax.

You could make it so it replaces some placeholders in chat with it or something:

on rightclick:
    if name of tool of player is not set:
        set {_material} to Material.matchMaterial("%vanilla name of tool of player%") #get raw material from item
        set {_rawName} to "%vanilla name of tool of player%"
        replace every ":" in {_rawName} with "."
        if {_material}.isBlock() is true: #if item is block, add "block." prefix, otherwise - "item."
            set {_rawName} to "block.%{_rawName}%"
            set {_rawName} to "item.%{_rawName}%"
#translatable name would look like this: "block.minecraft.stone"
        set {_c} to a new text component "<dark gray>[<reset>"
        {_c}.addExtra(new TranslatableComponent({_rawName})) #adding translatabe component to text component of Skellett
        {_c}.addExtra(new TextComponent(" <gray>x%number of tool of player%<dark gray>]"))
    else: #if item has custom name
        set {_c} to a new text component "<dark gray>[<reset>%name of tool of player% <gray>x%number of tool of player%<dark gray>]<reset>"

    if item-nbt of tool of player is set: #if item has any nbt data, requires NBeeT
        add hover event with action SHOW_ITEM with text "{""id"":""%vanilla name of tool of player%"",""Count"":1,""tag"":%item-nbt of tool of player%}" to text component {_c}
    else: #if no nbt data
        add hover event with action SHOW_ITEM with text "{""id"":""%vanilla name of tool of player%"",""Count"":1}" to text component {_c}

    message text components {_c} to player

Requires Skellett and skript-mirror

Works on 1.13.2, probably needs tweaks for previous versions
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