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Script iMoney [Beta 1.2.1]

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Active Member
Jan 6, 2018
CormanYT submitted a new resource:

iMoney - An economy skript!

Terms and Conditions
You may not distribute or claim this plugin as your own.

You may not edit any code of this plugin, except the configuration.

Reviews may not be about issues, those will be in the discussion, unless you are telling about issues with your review. The same for recommendations.
iMoney is a skript that allows you to use an economy values allowing
you to use it in many ways. It's easy to use with simple commands that
aren't complicated. It has...

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Well done economy script.

However, I do have some recommendations for this:
  1. Add a prefix to your variables so this doesn't interfere with other scripts. Example: Convert {users::*} to {iMoney.users::*}
  2. You should've created this based off of Vault. Vault would allow this script to hook into other plugins. Example: With iMoney, you can hook into ChestShop. Having this limited to a variable via Skript adds a limitation to the server owner.
1, Thanks for the recommendations. I'm working on a skript called iEssentials and it's going to have iMoney maintained in there. And also I will add prefixes but they'll be more like {iMoney::users::*}.
2. I'm already doing my best to get Vault to recognize this as an economy.

Thanks for the tips Vexio, I'll make sure to add the first one into the iMoney part of iEssentials I'm working on and iMoney will be maintained there, but the Vault part I'm having some trouble on. Thanks, bye!