IGS: In-Game Skript editing

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death source

New Member
Jun 25, 2020
Add your in-game name to the "Allowed" list at the top of script file, or else you won't be able to execute any of the commands!

Dependencies (tested on):
Skript 2.4.0
Skent 2.0
View attachment 5303

IGS (In-Game Skript) is a really fun and interesting to use script, which lets you access all your scripts without even opening your console. You can modify, create, and even delete scripts- of course with build-in security that you can modify in the script file.


  • /scripts list
  • /scripts open (script name)
  • /scripts create (script name)
  • /scripts delete (script name)
Each of the above commands lead to an interactive menu sent to you through chat!

General permission (minus the extra security):