How to set a block to a block name stored in a variable

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Basically im making regenerating blocks which when you break, it replaces it with what it was so i need {rb.block.%event-block%} to set the block to what it was before it was broken. so i need it so {rb.block.%event-block%} is different even if the same block was placed down but in a different posittion because i also have {rb.player.%event-block%} so i can see if the player breaking the block is the owner of the regenerating block and the players can have multiple RegeneratingBlocks placed down.
I'm sorry for confusing you.
[doublepost=1566239419,1566239168][/doublepost]If theres a way too easily set a block to what it was before it was broken then that would be fine
H3A the block wont always be coal ore, i could place down iron_ore then it wouldnt work with that and ive tried that alooooot
Issue there is you are setting {block} to a string type...

To do what you want:
on break:
    set {BLOCK::BROKEN::%player%} to event-block
    add event-block to {BLOCKS::BROKEN::%player%::*}
Create a list then, If it's randomized.
Else just make a function.
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