Solved How to replace a location with an integer

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Feb 20, 2021
I am wondering if there is a syntax that can be changed more simply than the syntax below, and if it exist, I would like to know what syntax can be used as well.

set {test.%player%} to location(player's x-coordinate,130,player's z-coordinate)
.(another syntax)
set {test.%player%} to  "%{test.%player%}%"
replace "x: " with "" in {test.%player%}
replace "y: " with "" in {test.%player%}
replace "z: " with "" in {test.%player%}
replace "," with "" in {test.%player%}
I have several questions but I will limit myself to answer your question first. One way to do this and the shortest one might be just replacing all of that in one line:
# always use the list separator (::) for variables with expressions in the name, also use player's uuid if you want to keep this information over name changes.
set {test::%player's uuid%} to location(player's x-pos, 130, player's z-pos)

set {_loc} to "%{test::%player's uuid%}%"
replace all "x: ", ", y: ", ", z: " with "" in {_loc}
You could also get the x and z coords indenpendently:

# we can get the y as well but since it is a constant I figured that'd be unnecessary
set {_loc} to "%{test::%player%}'s x-pos% 130 %{test::%player%}'s z-pos%"

In any case, why are you doing this?
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"In any case, why are you doing this?"

I'v wanted to use original minecraft commands in skript such as "/fill".
However when I insert just a location value in command, it couldn't recognize location. So I have to change the location value.

Thanks to your reply, I've found that It can replace several parts at once.

thanks a lot :emoji_slight_smile:
(I'm not good at English, so even if the grammar or word I wrote is awkward, I would appreciate it if you understand.)
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