How to put a banner and a head on the gui

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Mar 15, 2018
Well then, I wanted to know how I can put a custom banner, also put the head of a guardian on the menu and an emoji in the menu.
[doublepost=1523583743,1523581782][/doublepost]Alguem me ajude.
[QUOTE = "ShaneBee, post: 28824, membro: 5254"] por menu ... você quer dizer como uma GUI? [/ QUOTE]

AFF, whatever.
Guardian heads do not exist in inventory (you would have to use something that downloads custom heads)
And I do not think theres a way to do emojis, unless im totally mistaken

As for the banners, that im not sure about, probably would need to us NBT data, since thats most likely where the info is stored
Use this to format you're GUI with the players head.

format slot 0 of player with skull of {_p} named "&7Player &8: &f%player%"
[QUOTE = "OrangeCanadian, post: 28863, member: 4566"] Use isso para formatar sua GUI com o chefe dos jogadores.

[CODE = SKRIPT] formato 0 do jogador com o crânio de {_p} com o nome "& 7Player & 8: & f% player%" [/ CODE] [/ QUOTE]

I already know how to use the head of a player, I just want to put the head of a gardiao, an emoji in the menu and a custom banner.
possible. You need to find a player with a guardian skin. Try finding a player that didn't play for a very very long time because its more likely that a active player changes his skin and you don't want that. I used this method over a year and the skins didn't change. Wish you luck!

here is the code:

format slot 5 of player with skull of ("NAMEOFPLAYER" parsed as an offline player) named "&eGuardian" to close
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