Solved How to make doors

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Feb 10, 2021
I want to make doors with custom keys that you can only use if you have the perm How would i got about doing that? If you don't understand i want to remove blocks in a certain cord on a right click with a item than right click again to replace it I'm not sure if this is even possible but if it is please tell me
Sure is possible. Something like this maybe?
on rightclick with gold nugget:
    # if the player has said permission
    if player has permission "keymaster":
        if {doorOpen} is not set:
            # open door
            set {doorOpen} to true
            set block at location at 42, 42, 42 in "world" to air
            # close door
            delete {doorOpen}
            set block at location at 42, 42, 42 in "world" to barrier
1on rightclick with gold nugget:
2 # if the player has said permission
3 if player has permission "keymaster":
4 if {doorOpen} is not set:
5 # open door
6 set {doorOpen} to true
7 set block at location at 460, 58, -238, in "world" to air
8 else: # close door
9 delete {doorOpen}
10 set block at location at 460, 58, -238, in "world" to oak plank
[doublepost=1612979185,1612978996][/doublepost]Wont work

I was able to fix it it was my bad your code worked wonders


  • Screenshot 2021-02-10 103640.png
    Screenshot 2021-02-10 103640.png
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This is the end result thank you


  • Screenshot 2021-02-10 111603.png
    Screenshot 2021-02-10 111603.png
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Cool. A few tips:
  • If you're going to make bigger doors, use loops instead of writing a line for each block;
  • You should probably organize all doors in list variables. For example
set {doorOpen::castleDoor} to true
set {doorOpen::backDoor} to true
set {doorOpen::houseDoor} to true
So that you can better manage them in the future. Also, be sure to assign those variables to player UUID's if you're managing doors per player.
Yeah im still really new to this, So i have alot to learn thanks for teaching me this. Im also not sure about the variables they dont make much sence to me but ill do my best to figure it out. Looks really help ful.
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