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Mar 15, 2018
I've been wondering will it be possible to do that which is in the GIF in SKRIPT:
[doublepost=1524620839,1524598796][/doublepost]Someone help me.


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I just want to make the hologram and the part that is running the custom heads and when it comes out particles.
[QUOTE = "BrettPlayMC, post: 29571, membro: 233"] Qual é a parte mais difícil. [/ QUOTE]

The part that the custom heads are running.
[doublepost=1524661622,1524659535][/doublepost]The part that the custom heads are running.
:emoji_rewind: @FabricioSouza Like people said before, nobody is going to do the work for you. You have to learn on your own.. this is what this community is for, learning how to code using Skript. What would the point be in spoon feeding you these answers? If you are just going around asking people how to do things, and not actually learn for yourself, then you are better off with just downloading a plugin that does what you are asking, instead of asking here.
[QUOTE = "JustADev, postagem: 29576, membro: 2172"] : emoji_rewind:[USER = 6161] @FabricioSouza [/ USER] Como as pessoas disseram antes, ninguém fará o trabalho para você. Você tem que aprender sozinho .. é para isso que essa comunidade serve, aprendendo a codificar usando o Skript. Qual seria o ponto em colher alimentando essas respostas? Se você estiver apenas perguntando às pessoas como fazer as coisas e não realmente aprender por si mesmo, então é melhor fazer o download de um plug-in que faz o que você está pedindo, em vez de perguntar aqui. [/ QUOTE]

It takes a long time.
Yeah, well that's just called being lazy... or just not trying in the first place.
Yeah, well that's just called being lazy... or just not trying in the first place.

I'm not lazy, now be careful, you do not know things and keep talking, I researched this so much for SKRIPT and did not get anything that's why I posted it here in the forum. Understand if I knew, or if I had any idea how to do it, I would not be asking, you fool.
Man, I do not like fighting, I just want some help. If you do not want help me. Please be quiet, with all due respect.
Why should i help u if you dont supply your own code.

Use vectors and armor stands for the head part, and armor stands thst are named for the holos..
Hey, how do I make messages stay in the middle: If you still do not understand I'm saying this is so because when I give myself a message, it gets too far to the right
and another to the left side and I just want the messages to be only in the middle aligned.
Of course there isn't,
"                                              This is what I mean                                  "
[doublepost=1524676506,1524676425][/doublepost]Space ^^^^^^ You just have to do trial and error. The original post of this thread was for understanding how you make a crate system like the GIF you sent. Then you changed topics, which made me think that we were talking about the Crate's hologram, and not some ban/punishment system that you just recently decided to throw into this jumble of a forum post.
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