How to check if hit entity is an itemframe?

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Jan 26, 2017
Hi all,
how would I check if the hit entity (on projectile hit) is an itemframe? Any way to do this?

And how do I set a block at a specific location to an itemframe?
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You can do this using a different event.
on unhang: #Needs MundoSK
    if hanged entity is an item frame:
        message "success"
And without mundosk?
Also where does it check for projectile / arrow in your code?
I'm not here to spoonfeed you, I gave you how to check when the item frame gets taken down as a guideline.
That was awfully rude of you. He was simply asking how to detect something, he didn't ask to have a full blown code written.

Pepper I have tried to figure this out a few times, I will keep working on seeing if I can figure something out. Its stupid because an Item frame is an entity, yet for some reason when I check for an entity getting hit, its not registering.
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on damage of item frame:
    damage cause = projectile
    broadcast "%location of block at victim's location%"
    cancel event

And how do I set a block at a specific location to an itemframe?

Just want to note that an item frame is not a block. You won't be "setting a block", you'll just be spawning it in like you would any other entity.
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