How do I make a skript with two conditions?

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New Member
Dec 4, 2023
I've been trying to make a heart adding skript with two conditions, but it just keeps getting errors. can somebody tel me what i'm doing wrong?

on rightclick:
if player's tool is nether star named "Heart"'s name is color red:
edit {_MHP} by 1
edit player's max health by {_MHP}
remove 1 nether star named "Heart" from player's inventory
message "now have %{_MHP}% hearts"
It looks like your code has a couple issues. Below I’ve attached a bug free version of your code with notes on lines I changed.

on right click:
   if player's tool is nether star named "&cHeart": # &c is the color code for red. Also, &4 is a darker red
      add 1 to player's max health # We don’t need an additional variable just yet if we’re just changing the player’s health
      set {_MHP} to player's max health # Here is an example of the proper use for a local variable
      remove 1 of event-item from player's inventory
      send "&aSuccess! You now have &c%{_MHP}% Hearts&a!" to player # This makes sure only the designated player sees the message