How do i make a fortnite-like building system

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Oct 19, 2023
How do i make a fortnite-like building system that when i right click oak slabs or oak planks it spawns a 3x3 platform of the block i am holding
i need to explain more indepth
Like if i am holding an oak plank with the name &6Wall and i right click,it spawns a 3x3 wall of oakplanks wherever my cursor is pointed at
and if i am holding an oak slab with the name &6Floor and i right click it spawns a 3x3 floor wherever my cursor is pointed at
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As I understand you would like to have some indication of what you are placing. I would do that with particles. The actual placing would just use block at location
Making a complete building system is not to hard but I just wouldnt recommend it for a beginner.
you would just need to get what way the player is looking and making the x and z adjustments with that in mind
Creating a building system like Fortnite's can be a fun challenge! To start, you'll need a game engine like Unity or Unreal Engine. These engines provide tools for building and scripting. For the building mechanics, you'll want to use a grid-based system for snapping pieces together. Consider using raycasting to detect where the player wants to place a building piece. For the actual building pieces, you'll need 3D models and textures. You can find free or paid assets online play games for cash. Finally, for multiplayer, you'll need to implement networking to sync building actions between players. It's a complex process, but with dedication and learning, you can create a game with a similar building system to Fortnite.
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you wwould need to make a tool where it would like set a 3x3 variable locationor something