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New Member
Nov 8, 2017
if you have any sort of skill coding with Skript or Java, we need you. HofuMC is a minecraft network dedicated to giving players the best experience they can possibly have for a small server, featuring gamemodes like Prison, Bunkers, Skywars and many more to come. We plan to release in December but are short on Developers, we are over-staffed with Moderators, Helpers etc but none of them know how to code, we currently have 2 developers and may need 2 more to get this job done. We plan to be a big server and have our investors coming soon to pitch in to keep the dream of Hofu alive for as long as possible, we just want to make this dream a reality. For us, and for the community!

So how can you get to us, to apply to be a Developer on our server it will not be easy. You may be tested by our current Skript Developers Guif and Aquired, they are hard working individuals and do not have time for people that do not know what their doing right now as we are so close to launch, so if you know what your doing and you want to help us here's who you contact.

Guif: Guif#3779

Aquired: jake#4768

So once you have done that you may be put on a trial rank for Developer if that is what they decide is best, this will only be for a short period of time and then you will reach the Developer status, meaning we think you have potential to be a big part of our server as a Developer, good luck developers!

We hope to see you on Hofu in the future :emoji_slight_smile:

(Any further information just post here)

Thank you - HofuMC Manager "Knust"

HofuMC Developer "Guif"

Owner and Leading Developer of HofuMC "Aquired"
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