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Mar 25, 2018
Hey, welcome to my little shop.

1) Who am I?:

My name is Kian, I'm 16 years old.

I live in The Netherlands.

I'm a Skript developer since 2016.

Over the course of those 2 years I made a lot of scripts, for example a kitpvp script and some remake of plugins (those scripts are not open for download).

Because of that I want you to offer my scripts.

Have a look down here to know a bit more about me & Skript.

2) Why me?:

- I try to make the scripts so that they produce almost no lag.

- My scripts are always in good state and quality.

- My scripts always look clean and organized.

- I will fix every bug or error when you report it within a 2 weeks after the purchase.

- I have a lot of free time, which means your script is done in a small period of time.

3) Resources:


There are not a lot of scripts on there, only some small ones.

4) Prices:

Small: Simple commands, events, gui's, etc - €3 - 5, Made within 2-3 days.

Medium: Small minigames, movement (like cars), etc - €5 - 7, Made within 3-4 days.

Big: Minigames, small core's (Like HCF), etc - €7 - 10, Made within 4-6 days.

Contact me for bigger scripts.

5) Format:

• Category

• Name

• Size

• Description

• Commands

• Permissions

6) Payments:

All payments go like this:

After you paid me 50% I'm starting to make your script, when I'm done you pay me the other 50%, then I give the script to you.

All payments go through PayPal.

7) Contact:

You can always contact me on:

Discord - DieHollander/Kian#6420

SkUnity - Send me a pm.
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Does the client get resell rights after purchasing your script?

I'm not going to, just a question for all those keyboard warriors.