hide and seek but with blocks

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Oct 28, 2019
Suggested name:
Spigot/Skript Version:
What I want:
a hide and seek plugin where people are blocks instead of players.
Ideas for commands:
/bh queue (queue name) - joins queue
/bh leave - leaves queue
/bh create - create queues
/bh blocks (block to add) - adds a block to a map
/bh map (map name) - adds a map to play
/bh delete (map/queue) (name) - deletes a map/queue
/bh spawn (map/queue) (name)
/bh seekerspawn (map)
/bh setlobby - sets the spot where people teleport (default = they do /spawn) after matches.
/bh autoreplay - automaticly makes them do /queue (there previous queue name) after each game
(/bh can be swaped with /blockhunt , /blockh or /bhunt by the user)
Ideas for permissions:
BH.enabled (for all commands excluding admin commands)
BH.admin (for /bh create, blocks, map, delete, spawn, bh, seekerspawn, setlobby
When I'd like it by: the 8th of April (+12 time zone)