Solved HEX/Hash variables (csv) format?

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Hi everybody!

I need to copy a lot of registered location variables in my variables.csv. I would like to modify them in text, and re-converted in HEX. How can I proceed?

I can't find the entire result of this HEX code:

.<ENQ>world..<NUL><NUL><NUL><SOH>.<EOT>name .<BEL>flatics<SOH>x<HT>@...bPF.<SOH>y<HT>@(<NUL><NUL><NUL><NUL><NUL><NUL><SOH>z<HT>@c...*`.<ENQ>pitch<BS>.#3N<ETX>yaw<BS>.fe.

Thank you for help!
Kiss <3
[doublepost=1491485952,1488567755][/doublepost]I reboot this question! I have no answer actually :/

Thank you for help!
Skript's variables are stored in a binary format with a custom serializer. They weren't intended to be modified outside of Skript. You have three options for editing them:
  1. Write a command that modifies the variables in-game.
  2. Use skript-json to convert the variables to JSON and back. Currently, locations are the only type that will be converted to readable JSON, but it seems like that's fine for your use case.
  3. Be extra careful when modifying the binary data.
Hi @btk5h

Thank you for your answer! I'm stupid, I read/modify/copy modify them directly in a script...
But I noticed you options, thank you very much!
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