Harvey's Skripting Service (Very Active)

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Jan 16, 2018
Welcome to my post!

About me:
You may know me as Harveeey in Minecraft and other communities. I'm 16 years old, currently in school education, and come from the UK. I've been using skript since I was 13 when I was bored one day 3 years ago and decided to learn it. It was my first language I learn, and I know it's not the best but there we go.

Experience (Resources):
I have worked for a good sized server with a good player base developing skripts called CrazyGTA which I no-longer work for and haven't for a small amount of time. I will list some of the videos below. (Ignore my voice in the videos I was in, I was young :emoji_joy:)

Heist (For CrazyGTA only):
The heist was just released when these videos were recorded so there were bugs and changes needed, keep that in mind.
Souls (For CrazyGTA only):
Upon killing a player you would receive a soul, if you didn't have the cooldown. You would then be able to spend the souls on items in-game, using the Soul Shop.
SharkCards (For CrazyGTA only):
When obtaining a sharkcard you could take it to the ATM and you would recieve a range of money between a certain amount and another amount depending on what tier it was.
Robbable Stores (For CrazyGTA only):
Upon robbing the store by breaking the safe cops would arrive at the scene and try take you out.
ATM (For CrazyGTA only):
This was a Sharkcard addon to further update it.
  1. https://youtu.be/FQjCrQpGnoM?t=174
I don't really set certain prices they will often change due to the complexity of the project. I offer fair and affordable prices, because come on it's skript. Contact me with the details to get a price range.

Discord: Harvey#6550
Private message (SkUnity): https://forums.skunity.com/members/harvey.5902/

T's & C's:
  1. If interested you pay 50% before and 50% after the skript is done (To assure me you aren't just wasting my time).
  2. You can do whatever you want with the skript, but resell it!
  3. I will give you free support on setting up the skript and fixing any issues it has.