Grappling Hook

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Jan 24, 2017
location of "LimeGlass" parsed as player
Grappling Hook

Adds a grappling hook to the server. All you need is a fishing rod named "grappling hook". You can edit anything in the script too. It's fairly simple to understand aside from the vector math calculations.



- Typical grappling hook mechanics
- Rebound physics, meaning if you have the grapple attached to a block and you start falling, you will bungee back up while the rod is connected.
- Any block can be grappled from, meaning you can hit it against a wall without the hook falling.
- Fancy vector calculations to ensure the fishing hook looks like it's sticking to a block.
- Epic 360 MLG 420 montage quality script.

Damage disable:
- There is a chunk of code that disables fall damage only when using the grapple, because it's more fun when you don't have to worry about fall damage, but if you don't like that for your players, you can remove the damage of player event at the top of the script and any reference to the {fall::*} variables.

- Skript 2.2-dev28 or newer (2.6.2 tested)
- SkQuery (Any version for your server)
- Khoryl 1.0.4+
- Skellett 2.0.5+