Give Item Issue

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Jun 12, 2024
Im using skript 2.7.0 mainly for this.

When I set the item in the inventory slot i take the item type and loop its number to get the amount.
later this comes back and applies itself into one variable: set {_newitem.%player%} to "%{_combined.%player%}% %{_itemtype.%player%}%"
[Combined is the amount and item type is the item]

This is then put into this
set {slot.%{_looper.%player%}%.%player%} to {_newitem.%player%}
[This is the save file for loading slots so I know its not directly a slot]

Now, I know the issue, I'm just not sure how to get around it...
The issue is that you cant set a slot to "{object}" you have to set it to slot to {object}
it cant have the "'s otherwise it breaks it but I can't find a way to make {_newitem.%player%} work correctly so it is set to one variable because it can't be set to two.

It's a little complicated but hopefully it all makes since.
I tried my best finding a method around it but I haven't came across anything
Found Out How To Make It Work

It's Just...
set {_newitem.%player%} to {_combined.%player%} of {_itemtype.%player%}
thanks Tandhjulet!