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Script GeoIp v0.1.0

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Feel free to take the skript and make it better, and repost as your own, just make sure you link to this thread. :emoji_slight_smile:
I have a different GeoIP script I might post soon. It is based off of yours, but I didn't directly use or take from yours. Thanks for the example, though.
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The Script isn't working anymore, sadly.
To those who still use this, i updated it for you:

function geoIp(p: player) :: texts:
set {_url} to "{_p}'s ip%"
set {_ut::*} to content of json value's "city", "country", "countryCode", "isp", "regionName" and "timezone" from text "%line 1 from url {_url}%"
return {_ut::*}
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