Discord Thread Functions not sending parts of list variable

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Aug 5, 2023
The skUnity Discord
command /test:
        set {_testing::*} to randomQuestionEasy()
        broadcast "{_testing::1}: %{_testing::1}%"
        broadcast "{_testing::2}: %{_testing::2}%"
        broadcast "{_testing::3}: %{_testing::3}%"
        broadcast "{_testing::4}: %{_testing::4}%"
function randomQuestionEasy() :: objects:
    set {_testTriviaQuestion::1::question} to "test"
    set {_testTriviaQuestion::1::difficulty} to 1
    set {_testTriviaQuestion::1::options::*} to "option 1", "option 2", "option 3", and "option 4"
    set {_testTriviaQuestion::1::answer} to "option 1"
    return {_testTriviaQuestion::1::*}
Why wont it return the value of

Posted by: eatdatpizza from the skUnity Discord. View the thread on skUnity Discord here
the usage of
will only return what is apart of that map key
{_testTriviaQuestion::1::::*} =  question, difficulty and answer + options but it's null
the settings for options is a while other map key inside options

Posted by: fusezion from the skUnity Discord.
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