Friend Gui System

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Feb 22, 2021
Hello I am using skript and would like to have a gui system that has two seperate built-in guis I have tried to make one but only get so far because I don't know how to make it universal any help would be appreciated. I will explain better to anyone who replies.
explain better please
Okay so I am trying to make a friend system ok. And they have an item and if they right click on that item then it would bring up a gui with two options "Friends" and "Friend Requests." I already have this done but I get stuck on the gui's inside of them. I don't know where to start for them. Here is what the options would do. The Friends option would open a gui that displays all of their friends online or offline and sorts the online friends to the top of the list as well can be multiple pages. The Friend Requests would show if the player has a request from a person and decides to add them as a friend and then they would show up in the list or to reject the request and they wouldn't show them in their Friend list. The only way to get them to show up is if a request is accepted and shows for both players.