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Feb 5, 2017

Welcome to GirlGam3rs. Everyone is welcomed. We are a dedicated meme community while striving
to bring the upmost unique faction server. We are a community not of only Minecraft but also consist of
having other servers: Counter-Strike. We also have events frequently, whether it's an in-game boss fight
or a JackBox.tv sesh, we tend to create a fun environment.


The trailer. Here are some of the features you can check out.



The changelogs are in the second post of this thread. Please refer to them over there.


Start: 01/18/20
Grace Period: 1 week from Saturday, the 18th.
End: 04/20/20
Side Note: The server is fairly new still, and there are still many great spots to build your base.

General Commands

- /spawn
- /warp
- /kit
- /wild
- /survey start
- /level
- /reward

- /quest
- /quest cancel
- /shop

- /genbucket
- /f create FactionName
- /f invite fullPlayerName
- /f perms

Sand absorbs water when it's falling. For TNT cannons.


Change log from the past.

Improved Dragon's Breath spell
Improved Water Vortex spell

+ Added
+ Mana Potions [Drops from mobs]
+ Mana Beacons [Random spawn upon combat, or craftable via /warp recipes]

Added /nextboss to see when the next boss spawns.Also added it to the scoreboard on the right.

What are you waiting for? IP is mc.girlgam3rs.com

Spell information

The spells in red color = Cannot be used in Combat.

Infernal - Temporary teleport to top of nether. Useful for wanting to heal, or switching to a spell.
Hueco Mundo - Teleports player to the end.

Hakai - Shoot wither skulls destroying anything in your path.
Dragon's Breath - Explanatory.
Ender - Move through the void.
Rejuvenate - Heal yourself, along with saturation. Gainable in /survey begin
Ice Wind - Let the ice wind carry you through the air.
Striking Tide - Let water wave towards your enemy.
Call of Zeus - Smite those that need to be.
Striking Vortex - Summon a water hurricane.

Faction Features

/genbucket - Generate walls from cobblestone, sand, and obsidian.
/f perms - Manage permission for your faction.
/shop - Buy and sell items.

Upgradable spawners - Upgrade about anything about a spawner.
TNT Sand Cannoninng - Shooting falling sand by water will rest a radius of water. Shoot a prime TNT with sand to break into water-covered bases.

Level information
  As you kill mobs you will gain experience, check your /level, to see when you will level up. Each level up can give you rewards from items, to gems.
  Gems can customize your weapon, armor, or tool in an unnatural way. When you find gems, check out /warp tutorial for gem information, what piece it can be applied to, and what the effects are. To apply a gem, click the gem with a desirable item, and let the two combine.




   Mobs are buffed here, they can execute special moves, or unseen AI movement. There are bosses, and these have custom coded AI, they can execute the same spells as a player, have more health than a player, and drop a treasure chest upon slaying. Check out /nextboss for wanting to know when the next boss spawns.

Learning Spells
  To learn new spells, type /spawn and talk to the "Trainer" Villager

About Us
  We welcome all players, no matter who. We are passionate people who want to create something unique, competitive, and fun. Thank you for viewing the post, the best way for you to support us is to leave feedback on our updates, diamond/emerald our post & advertisement, and invite your friends! We hope to see you in-game with your furious spells, and custom items. We want to see the best players rise up throughout competition and win it all.

I made the server using my five years of skript experience, feel free to join. It's somewhat done, but I just keep on adding, and perfecting it every day.