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Enforcer Moderation

Discussion in 'Scripts' started by yea rite, Dec 25, 2021.

  1. yea rite

    yea rite Active Member

    Jul 11, 2021
    Likes Received:
    This skript is not an anti cheat, but a configurable moderation skript

    Enforcer moderation skript info:
    creator: AVeryBadName
    version 1.0

    bans(line 50), ip bans(line 153), freeze(line 237), mute(line 301), history(line 398), alts(line 412), report(line 435), staff chat(line 458), clearchat(line 489), mutechat(line 503), ping(line 539), tps(line 551), cps(564)


    enforcer.staff.bans - ability to ban, ability to ip-ban, ability to unban, freeze ban notifications, and player tried to join notifications
    enforcer.staff.history - ability to view altercation history
    enforcer.staff.freeze - ability to freeze, and ability to view freeze chat
    enforcer.staff.report - ability to view reports
    enforcer.all.report - ability to use /report
    enforcer.staff.cc - ability to clear chat
    enforcer.staff.mc - ability to mute chat, and player tried to say notifications
    enforcer.staff.tps - ability to use /tps
    enforcer.staff.ping - ability to use /ping
    enforcer.staff.cps - ability to use /cps

    1 - Edit with caution, or not at all
    2 - You may use my code, as long as you do not pass it off as your own
    3 - all punishments are silent to normal players, and notifications are only sent to people with the 'enforcer.staff.bans' permission
    4 - for commands with time(ban, mute, etc.) use the full time unit, not the abbreviation(1d -> 1 day)
    5 - /ehelp for a list of commands

    a permission editor(i only tested with luckperms, so if it doesnt work other wise, remove "%player's prefix%" from line 465, and 479)

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