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Enchanted books (Create/Add Enchantments)

Discussion in 'Snippets' started by ShaneBee, Nov 18, 2018.

  1. ShaneBee

    Supporter + Addon Developer

    Sep 7, 2017
    Likes Received:
    This will allow you to create new enchanted books (even though you can get them in creative) but also ADD enchantments to your books, making super custom books
    Requires Skript-Mirror

    This is the actual command to create the books and/or add enchantments to books
    Code (Skript):
    1. import:
    2.     org.bukkit.enchantments.Enchantment
    3.     org.bukkit.event.server.TabCompleteEvent
    4.     java.util.Arrays
    6. command /test <enchantment>:
    7.     trigger:
    8.         enchant player's tool with arg-1
    10. command /bookench <text> <enchantment> [<integer=1>]:
    11.     usage: &a/BookEnch &7<&bnew&7/&badd&7> <&benchantment&7> [&6level&7]
    12.     permission: book.ench
    13.     permission message: You do not have permission to use this command
    14.     trigger:
    15.         if arg-1 is "new":
    16.             if arg-3 <= arg-2.getMaxLevel():
    17.                 set {_book} to "enchanted book" parsed as item
    18.                 set {_meta} to {_book}.getItemMeta()
    19.                 set {_ench} to arg-2
    20.                 {_meta}.addStoredEnchant({_ench}, arg-3, false)
    21.                 {_book}.setItemMeta({_meta})
    22.                 give player {_book}
    23.                 if arg-3 >= 2:
    24.                     send "&aNew enchanted book of &b%arg-2% %arg-3% &acreated!"
    25.                 else:
    26.                     send "&aNew enchanted book of &b%arg-2% &acreated!"
    27.             else:
    28.                 send "&cENCHANTMENT LEVEL TOO HIGH"
    29.         else if arg-1 is "add":
    30.             if player's tool is enchanted book:
    31.                 if arg-3 <= arg-2.getMaxLevel():
    32.                     set {_book} to player's tool
    33.                     set {_meta} to {_book}.getItemMeta()
    34.                     set {_ench} to arg-2
    35.                     {_meta}.addStoredEnchant({_ench}, arg-3, false)
    36.                     {_book}.setItemMeta({_meta})
    37.                     if arg-3 >= 2:
    38.                         send "&b%arg-2% %arg-3% &ahas been added to your book"
    39.                     else:
    40.                         send "&b%arg-2% &ahas been added to your book"
    41.                 else:
    42.                     send "&cENCHANTMENT LEVEL TOO HIGH"
    43.             else:
    44.                 send "&cYOU NEED AN ENCAHNTED BOOK TO USE THIS COMMAND"
    This part is the tab completer for when you are creating a book, it'll auto fill in info for you
    Code (Skript):
    1. on TabCompleteEvent:
    2.     if event.getBuffer() contains "/bookench new " or "/bookench add ":
    3.         set {_buff} to event.getBuffer()
    4.         replace "/bookench new " and "/bookench add " with "" in {_buff}
    5.         set {_list} to "%Enchantment.values()%"
    6.         set {_list::*} to {_list} split at ", "
    7.         set {_num} to length of {_buff}
    8.         loop {_list::*}:
    9.             if first {_num} characters of loop-value is {_buff}:
    10.                 add loop-value to {_newbuff::*}
    11.         if {_buff} contains " ":
    12.             if last character of {_buff} is " ":
    13.                 set {_ench} to first (length of {_buff} - 1) characters of {_buff}
    14.                 set {_ench} to {_ench} parsed as enchantment
    15.                 set {_max} to {_ench}.getMaxLevel()
    16.                 event.setCompletions(Arrays.asList("[<max-level=%{_max}%>]"))
    17.         else:
    18.             if size of {_newbuff::*} = 0:
    19.                 event.setCompletions(Arrays.asList({_list::*}))
    20.             else if size of {_newbuff::*} >= 1:
    21.                 event.setCompletions(Arrays.asList({_newbuff::*}))
    22.     else if event.getBuffer() = "/bookench ":
    23.         set {_list::*} to "new" and "add"
    24.         event.setCompletions(Arrays.asList({_list::*}))
    25.     else if event.getBuffer() = "/bookench a" or "/bookench ad":
    26.         event.setCompletions(Arrays.asList("add"))
    27.     else if event.getBuffer() = "/bookench n" or "/bookench ne":
    28.         event.setCompletions(Arrays.asList("new"))
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  2. Dabriel

    Dabriel Member

    Aug 13, 2018
    Likes Received:
    This is actually pretty neat.
    can be used in some stuff and it's a good thing to actually look at the code and learn from it. Nice :thumbs_up:
  3. ShaneBee

    Supporter + Addon Developer

    Sep 7, 2017
    Likes Received:
    I kept trying to deal with custom books in the past having no luck, so this system really helped that out. Took a while to create but it works, YAY!

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