EAC [ExploitAC]

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New Member
Jul 15, 2022
EAC is a packet based anticheat developed by Pingwinek.

It is packet based, but contains some checks based on rotations when placing blocks.
It contains 10 checks, all made to detect scaffold cheats.
Currently there is nothing besides these scaffold checks, i will add more checks in the near future.

It will support any version of skript / its addons as long as it works on 1.8


/eac alerts - toggle alerts
/eac reload - reload the script
/eac help - commands explained


You can configure everything in the "options" part of the script.

Addons needed:



Scaffold A - Packet
Scaffold B - Rotations
Scaffold C - Analysis
Scaffold D - Invalid
Scaffold E - Sprint
Scaffold F - Angle
Scaffold G - Limit
Scaffold H - Pattern
Scaffold I - Eagle
Scaffold J - Expand

Please keep in mind that this is an early version of this anticheat, as well as my first resource. It focused on being able to detect cheats, not to be used in production. It is meant to gather feedback for me to use and introduce into it.
If you can, it would be nice if you took a peek inside the code. I left some comments in there explaining why i did some things the way i did.

The anticheat was tested Against multiple rotation types, rotation speeds, settings, etc. On clients like: Rise, NightX, LiquidBounce. None of these were able to scaffold for more than 10 blocks without being flagged.
The anticheat may false flag rarely when bridging diagonally in a certain direction, the rotation check will false a bit too.

Please contact me on discord if you want to express your opinion/give me a tip - Pingwinek#9268, If you want, leave a reviev but i dont want to ruin this resource's score that early on lol.