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Drawing board (Book or Chat)

Discussion in 'Snippets' started by LimeGlass, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. LimeGlass

    VIP Supporter ++ Regular Diner Addon Developer

    Jan 24, 2017
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    This is just a simple drawing system using JSON text components from Skellett that I made when testing stuff. lol

    Needs Skellett.




    Code (Skript):
    1. options:
    2.     #Modes are Book or Chat
    3.     #Book will make the drawing in a book
    4.     #Chat will make the drawing in the chat. Pretty simple.
    5.     Mode: "book"
    6.     #If using chat mode. When should the script divide sections.
    7.     Divider: 16
    8. on script unload:
    9.     delete {drawing::*}
    10. command /draw [<text>] [<number>]:
    11.     trigger:
    12.         set {_colours::*} to "&4", "&c", "&6", "&e", "&2", "&a", "&b", "&3", "&1", "&9", "&d", "&5", "&f", "&7", "&8" and "&0"
    13.         if {drawing::player::%player%::selected} is not set:
    14.             set {drawing::player::%player%::selected} to "&0"
    15.         if arg 1 is not set:
    16.             add text component "        &8&l&nDrawing%nl%%nl%    &0&nColour selector%nl%" to {_components::*}
    17.             loop size of {_colours::*} times:
    18.                 add 1 to {_number}
    19.                 set {_component} to new text component coloured "%{_colours::%{_number}%}%█"
    20.                 add click event with action RUN_COMMAND with execute "/draw select %{_number}%" to text component {_component}
    21.                 add hover event with action SHOW_TEXT with text "%{_colours::%{_number}%}%&oClick me to select this as your dye." to text component {_component}
    22.                 add {_component} to {_components::*}
    23.             add new text component with "%nl%%nl%" to {_components::*}
    24.             if {@Mode} is "chat":
    25.                 set {_divider} to {@Divider}
    26.             loop 96 times:
    27.                 add 1 to {_slot}
    28.                 add 1 to {_divide}
    29.                 if {drawing::player::%player%::%{_slot}%} is not set:
    30.                     set {drawing::player::%player%::%{_slot}%} to "&0"
    31.                 set {_component} to new text component coloured "%{drawing::player::%player%::%{_slot}%}%█"
    32.                 add click event with action RUN_COMMAND with execute "/draw draw %{_slot}%" to text component {_component}
    33.                 add {_component} to {_components::*}
    34.                 if {_divider} is set:
    35.                     if {_divide} >= {_divider}:
    36.                         clear {_divide}
    37.                         add new text component with "%nl%" to {_components::*}                
    38.             if {@Mode} is "Book":
    39.                 set {_book} to a new written book
    40.                 add text components {_components::*} to book {_book}
    41.                 open book {_book} to player
    42.             else:
    43.                 loop 50 times:
    44.                     message " "
    45.                 message text components {_components::*} to player
    46.         else if arg 1 is "clear":
    47.             delete {drawing::player::%player%::*}
    48.             message "&cCleared your drawing"
    49.         else if arg 2 is set:
    50.             if arg 1 is "select":
    51.                 set {drawing::player::%player%::selected} to "%{_colours::%arg 2%}%"
    52.             else if arg 1 is "draw":
    53.                 set {drawing::player::%player%::%arg 2%} to {drawing::player::%player%::selected}
    54.             execute player command "/draw"

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