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DrakeMc Miners - Need skripters

Discussion in 'Servers' started by titustitus98, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. titustitus98

    titustitus98 Member

    Feb 19, 2018
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    DrakeMc - Miners

    Hi there, welcome to DrakeMc Miners!
    This server is still highly in development and the Owner is very active, but like mentioned in the tile of the thread we are in need of skripters, but, before we get into that you might be wondering what "Miners" is.
    Well here is a quick description about the gamemode.



    Upon joining the server you might notice many similarities with prison: A mine, Ranks... , but in fact it is very different:
    There are four main ranks known as blocks A, B, C and D, and each of those are composed of 4 smaller ranks 1, 2 ,3 and 4, to rankup you need to mine blocks in the big vertical mine that you will notice at the other end of spawn, while mining those blocks you will recieve coins which can be exchanged for money at the money NPC next to the mine and to upgrade your pickaxe by right clicking it to open the enchant menu, and with the money you've earned you can to rankup, once you have reached the ultimate rank you can rebirth, rebirths are unlimited so you can do it as many times as you want, currently there are no rewards for rebirthing but they will be added later (they may already be added depending on when you read this). You can also vote for some unique rewards and unlock cool titles in our custom titles menu.
    This server still needs alot to be be done, but there should be enough for you to enjoy your self on the server.



    So, as i mentioned higher up we are in need of some talented skripters to help improve the server.
    So to get this rank you need to meet the following requirements:
    1. Be 15 or older.
    2. Have one or more ressources on skunity or spigot.
    3. Have 1 month or more experience in skripting.
    4. Spend 2+ hours every week working for the server.
    5. Have joined the discord.
    So if you meet all of those requirements you should have a pretty good chance of getting accepted, for more info you may join our discord server.


    Social links and useful info

    Ip: play.drakemc.net - This will allow you to join the server.
    http://drakemc.net/ - This will allow you to visit our website where you can chat on our forums or drop a kindly donation in the server store.
    https://discord.gg/VFb3Mqt - This will take you to to our official discord group where you will be notified when a new update comes out.


    This is about it but if you need anything just contact me on discord:
    titustitus98 #8243
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  2. BrettPlayMC


    Jan 26, 2017
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    Post in hiring Skripters with your wage/pay.

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